About Us

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Creative Finish Carpentry

We are Mario & Stacey Viola, the Founders and Owners of Creative Finish Carpentry.  I have been doing finish carpentry work for over 35 years and am a third generation finish carpenter. My father and grandfather were furniture makers in Italy, and I have enjoyed working with wood all of my life.

We are a turnkey trim carpentry company. We offer complete installation and painting of a variety of interior decorative trim mouldings. Our services include crown moulding, baseboards, chair railing, wainescoting, casing, and cornices. Along with providing top notch service and installation from start to finish! Most trim jobs can be finished within ONE DAY for your convenience! We currently focus our business on the ever growing community of The Villages; however, we do venture out to many other communities throughout Central Florida.


Rethinking construction

My company has seen a cycle of downturns in the building industry for years, but none like the real-estate market crash we have seen today. I have designed my company to serve individual home owners as well as builders in our current reality. I enjoy working directly with people and meeting their individual desires. I offer home owners and builders an unparalleled quality of work. I listen closely to my customers needs and adapt to their individual tastes, so that together we can come up with ideas that will result in a dream like finished product – one that will exceed your expectations for style and quality.

Service, Quality & Value

I also offer my private home owner customer pricing that typically only builders would receive. The new home and commercial building markets have shattered. With foreclosures at the highest level in modern history, I have adjusted my business model to fit the new customer demand. My most recent customers are those are adding sizzle to their current homes, or buying a foreclosed home that needs repair at a deeply discounted rate. I am excited to fit the consumer’s need and look forward to giving my customers finished products that they will enjoy for years.

Crown Moulding Chart

Our most popular crown moulding size are below: